Jul. 31st, 2011

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The area where I live has had an increasing problem with our mail not being delivered properly. This ranges from letters and parcels being lost, to mail being returned to sender without the recipient being notified that a delivery had been attempted, and failed delivery notes pushed through the letterbox when the people are in and waiting – obviously there was no knock at the door.


These have all happened to me recently and I played hell with the customer service centre and have threatened to involve the police as their actions are illegal. I am still waiting for resolution.


My son has had the same problems but he has decided to give Royal Mail a headache as large as a continent instead of tearing them a new one, as I did. By writing a series of emails, and arguing the finer points of absolutely everything, all of which they have to answer, he will drive them to distraction. He did this with the local bus company, when their buses were constantly late – they offered him a free year’s travel if he stopped complaining to them. His employers were so impressed that they dropped the threat of a disciplinary for being late three times in one year.


My complaint has been escalated to area level because I have threatened legal action and the police. My son’s complaint has also gone to that level because he has accused the local manager in a rather amusing letter. This letter is so funny that I asked him if I could post it on my blog and he agreed. (You know, the slash writing blog, the existence of which he denies.)


This is the first letter in a series that my son intends sending:


(I'm speculating of course, it could be a trombone) )



Ironically, he received a stack of mail, some of it several weeks old, two days after sending the email and a generic apology letter promising escalation. He says this will not stop him sending more emails to them; the next one will questioning how all his mail arrived at once. I have yet to receive my missing mail but they estimate that I will get it within the next few days and my parcels next Thursday. These are parcels that were sent two weeks ago for my birthday.




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